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Branning Collision Centers is one of the leading automotive repair companies in New Jersey, with five locations across the state. While the company did and continues to do great work, their old visual identity didn’t inspire much trust or confidence; two key attributes customers look for in an automotive repair company. The logo showed an outline of a car seemingly from the 1940’s with the brand name in an old-timey script.

Andiamo Studio was hired to modernize Branning’s logo. We wanted to develop a sleek, contemporary logomark that could stand next to one of the emblems on the cars that they work on. We landed on a round mark that referenced twisted metal being made whole again, a representation of the work that Branning does. A full-detail mark was developed to be the main logo and a single color mark was created for appropriate applications.

After completion of the project, Branning decided to test their new logo on the race track, sponsoring Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s NASCAR. Andiamo Studio was happy to provide Branning with a logo that they’re proud to stand behind.

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NASCAR sponsorship
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